What our clients say about us.

Our clients are happy, that’s the way we like it.
We started KM Consult Services to provide a better level of service than is typical from IT Support companies and we know how important both our own and your reputation is.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say about us.

We gratefully acknowledge our clients time in sending us the following testimonials which not only demonstrate our commitment to quality but also our flexibility and coverage.

“Site completed in Monaco fantastic job done by the guys. Milen, Daniel and Svetoslav were really great.”
Vincent Sanchez
Dell, Project Manager
“KM Consult Engineer Isidor is a pleasure to work with because his professional attitude makes the entire process go smoothly with no errors. Isidor came onto the account at a very busy time for us. In a matter of days he made a positive impact installing machines for us as a part of the PC Refresh process. He was installing and preparing the machines very quickly, rolling them out as well as helping us with customer support tasks. He learned the whole internal process and what was required from the customers regarding their particular needs. He is hard working, quick to learn processes and procedures as well as technically knowledgeable, and quickly earned the respect of the rest of my team, as well as our customers. We all look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.”
Jos Pol
Sensor Products Europe, IT Almelo
“I just want to say thanks for the help this week on the Dublin Experian Migration. Milen and his team really went out of their way to ensure that all the users were accommodated and looked after with minimum of disruption, particularly in ensuring that our Belfast users, who only travelled to our site for one day, were turned around in just a few hours at short notice, also with being very patient in training me up on all the new systems and process. All in all it was a very positive user experience from our point of view. Thanks again.”
Conor Sheeran
Experian, IT Support Analyst
“I just want to thank you all and complement you on these 3 techs that has been a critical part in migrations to Windows 7 in MMC for Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania that I was involved in. Great job guys and you should take all credit on this and tap your selfs on the back, you went the extra “mile” needed to get success!”
Roland Wallin
Office Technology Manager, Nordic Service Desk Manager, Marsh & McLennan Companies
“I’d like to thank You for all Your efforts, professionalism and patience and really appreciate Your help here in Budapest Win7 migration”
Tamas Csanyi
Senior local technology analyst, Marsh & McLennan Companies
“I just wanted to let you know that Kostadin and Milen have been absolutely brilliant these past two days getting everything wrapped up in Denmark. I look forward to working with them again”
Lameck Macpherson
Dell, Deployment Lead
“I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the way the Windows 7 refresh has gone this week at our Universal Square offices in Manchester. Special thanks should go to Daniel and Georgie who stayed on in the office until 2.30 am, despite some very slow response times across the network link to Nottingham, to ensure the refresh was completed, so far as possible, outside of normal working hours, with the minimum possible disruption to our users. They also came in early the following day and worked hard and diligently, with a thorough and persistent attitude to solve all our declared issues and answer all our questions. By the end of that day there were no known outstanding issues for the Dell refresh team to resolve and only 2 matters I was aware of that require further follow up – both being configuration of specialist applications that we believe are correctly installed – and we are happy to take those forward separately with the support contacts (one in Cardinal Place and the other in Newenham House) who assisted us previously. A very big thank you to all who helped to make this a success.”
Paul Coupland
Experian, Group Financial Programme Manager
Just want to let you know that we have received a lot of good feedback from our users regarding the replacement process and your team this week. Everything went smoothly this week. We have hold all dates again and Alex and his team made everything to make our user satisfied. From my site everything is fine too.
Sebastian Belzer
IT Service Delivery Manager, Aleris Aluminum Koblenz GmbH