KM Consult Services is a specialist independent IT Consultancy providing Support Services, Resourcing Solutions and Technician Labour to its clients throughout Europe and beyond. Our aim is to form a strategic and open alliance with our clients which will help provide continuity and drive client services and solutions.


We deliver superior value to a wide range of clients in both the SMB and Corporate markets through a variety of activities which deliver quality service coupled with cost efficiency and dependable SLA commitments; ensuring long standing successful relationships.


KM Consult Service have been successful in delivering high quality IT infrastructure service provision with excellent performance and great flexibility as a result of our industry knowledge and expertise within diverse enterprise environments


KM Consult services specialise in providing reliable and trusted IT professionals on a contract basis to supplement your existing technical base. Contract services allow the flexibility to quickly address short-term technical project needs to meet the peaks in activities during the project / service life cycle. This allows our clients to remain focused on their core business. We strive to match your requirements exactly from the integrated and trusted resources at our disposal.

We offer

Reliable technical resources to supplement your existing capabilities for short to long term PC deployment/desk side support projects and/or services, our robust, highly skilled and low cost European labour force consisting of qualified individuals with a broad range of education, work experience, and technical certifications from entry-level onsite field technicians to Level 2 technical deployment and IT support technical resources will be at your service

Our offering & capabilities are simple

  • Level 0 and 1 through to Level 2 Technician resources for short to long term projects & services
  • Short Term – minimum 1 day

Level 0

Will act as technical porters and perform much of the lifting and shifting type activities including cabling up workstations and associated peripherals. Basic OS workstation skills; Able to comfortably lift 50 pounds from the floor to desktop height.

Level 1 Technicians

Will perform desktop computer “Break/Fix” support and Simple to mid-complexity Installations / deployments, Add, or Change requirements of peripherals & Device Drivers. Level I techs will possess good client / customer facing skills

Level 2 Technicians

Will perform all Level I support / service requirements plus performing problem resolution activities on both desktop, server and networking issues. Level II techs will possess excellent customer / client facing skills.